Edinburgh Web Design & SEO Company

Helping small and medium-sized businesses grow organically in the digital world.

Without the huge price tag.

"Creative Designs Powered by Excellence"
"Creative Designs Powered by Excellence"

Our Mission Is Simple

To Help You Succeed Online. Increase Revenue. Grow Your Business.

To Help You
Succeed Online. Increase Revenue. Grow Your Business.

Welcome to Edinburgh Design Co, we are here to bring affordable and captivating websites to small & medium-sized businesses.

 We want to help your business succeed. Taking a company from mediocre online performances or no website at all and flipping them 180° onto the path of digital success. Doing this empowers us as a company and as individuals. 

Our founder, Jake, started his career as an electrician before chasing his dreams of owning a successful Web Design company. The result? Electrifying Websites that zap your competition out of the park. 

Making our mark in the world, one website at a time.



Recent Projects

At Edinburgh Design Co. we create captivating and engaging websites that are 100% unique. We thrive off knowing that each and every one of our websites are built from a blank canvas.  We do not create “off-the-shelf” websites that use templates.

Working with all types of businesses in Edinburgh, throughout Scotland & U.K

What We Do At

Edinburgh Design Co.

– Take our time to understand your business needs and your brand’s objectives, goals, & aspirations to promote your brand most effectively.

– Love getting to know our clients and help them achieve their goals. We believe communication is key to building successful relationships.

– Won’t settle until all your needs have been met and exceeded. Our aim is to build a reputation like no other. 

– You will not get lost in the chain of command and forgotten about at Edinburgh Design Co.

– There will not be any nasty surprises here. You will get a no-nonsense approach, which means we are upfront about every little detail. 

– Believe in honesty & good old hard work. Our prices are set in stone, there won’t be any hidden fees creeping out from the shadows. 

Have a look at our No-Nonsense Pricing and get all this for an outstanding price here.

Our Website Design Process

Your brand new website in six stress-free steps

Website design process step 1
Website design process step 2
Website design process step 3
Website design process step 4
Website design process step 5
Website design process step 6

Once your project is complete, we will transfer ownership to you. Along with showing you the basics so you can add, edit or delete certain things. So you will not need our help every time you want to change a little bit of text or an image!

Although, we are always happy to help & have support plans if you are just too busy to do these things yourself!

Our History

You will see from our company history we started off as an electrical company. Transforming into a Web Design & SEO company. 

We want to see winners, success is a natural human desire, and we are CRAVING it.

Jake left his hometown of Aberdeen and relocated to Edinburgh in his early 20’s. Where he is now settled with his partner Reah along with their young daughter Rosie. 

They decided to start this business together so they could spend more time as a family and enjoy what they do at the same time.

Edinburgh Design Co is a family-run business managed by both Jake and Reah. Whilst Jake will be building your website, Reah will be your customer service point of contact for aftercare. Dealing with all requests in a timely manner with a friendly attitude and empathy.

Together they will provide exceptional customer service and guarantee a positive experience. They will always go the extra mile and look forward to meeting and surpassing your expectations.

Jake Scott Director Edinburgh Design Company

Our Founder 

Jake Scott