5 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media And SEO

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Social Media and SEO – The Dynamic DUO

Being active online in today’s world is becoming more and more important to building a brand people can trust. 

Although many businesses still aren’t utilising social media platforms. Some might think of them as an independent entity rather than something that can help improve the rest of their marketing strategies. 

While social media can provide many amazing benefits on its lonesome, it should not be left on the sideline watching the rest of the team play! It has the potential to explode your business digital marketing efforts – including SEO. 

The relationship between Social Media and SEO can be slightly complex, though. 

History of Social Media and SEO

It’s well known that a brand’s social media presence does not directly correlate with or influence their websites search rankings, it goes a little deeper than that. 

We’ll have to take a look into the grey area of the subject to get a better understanding.

Unless you are a Google employee’s or some magical PC wizard hacker, we’ll never truly know what drives Googles algorithm. We all have to wait for the public announcements to get the latest updates and often by then it’s already taken effect on our websites and we’re left chasing our tails. 

But regardless of this, back in 2010, Mr. Danny Sullivan reported that Google had “social signals” that did influence organic rankings. 

Does social media affect SEO? Today, we can say with confidence that active social media’s provide a positive influence on organic rankings, but they do not directly affect those rankings.

What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimisation simply put, is entirely about improving the rankings of your website in the non-paid (organic) section of your search results. 

Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google use bots that crawl different pages across the internet, hopping from one website to another, gathering bits of information about those pages, and grouping them in an index.

All that information is then ranked by an algorithm to figure out which web page offers the most accurate & relevant information to each search term. 

Social Media and SEO are not directly correlated but they can assist each other when used in properly.

Social Media and SEO. Edinburgh Design Co

To read more about SEO check out our article: An In-Depth Guide To SEO or Pros and Cons of SEO

The Importance of Social Media For SEO

While social media is not a ranking factor meaning that it won’t directly help your rankings. The benefits of social media can influence your position on the search engine. And having active social media accounts benefits more than just your website SEO.

Here are five reasons why. 

1. Huge Opportunities To Gain Natural Backlinks

The goal of SEO is to bring in more traffic to your website. The same goes with social media, being active can help solidify your brand image and help grow your business. Used correctly, social media and SEO have the power to flood your business with new work. 

Posting great content on your website and having it shared by users on social media increases visibility and the chances of gaining backlinks. Backlinks are the backbone of SEO, although some people try to kid that it isn’t (Google…), it’s the number one ranking factor. 

High-quality content = High-quality backlinks = Higher Rankings

The aim of the game is to use social media to spread the word about your amazing content and get others to share it! It’s not hard for content to go viral on social media as you are probably aware. Before you know it, the links are flying in. 

Building a presence on social media should not be ignored, especially in 2021. Wake up, Grandpa!

2. Give Your Content A Super Boost

If you have been one of the old sailors stuck in the 80’ not adapting to the current trends, I’ll be surprised your business is still around – hats off to you! But you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity to boost your brand awareness. 

Creating fantastic content that you know people would just love to share, but not sharing yourself? Crazy talk! YOU have to share your content on your socials to get it out there! Otherwise, it’s just gonna sit on your website and go stale. 

Ahrefs is an amazing tool that helps you come up with content idea’s and explore what is working well for other websites. It’s our favourite tool for helping us create content like this and know how to share it!  

Try out the Future of Dynamic Backlink Management

Do you need a faster backlink checker? Semrush now has a high-speed backlink database plus a full suite of dynamic backlink management solutions.

Social media gives you access to a wider audience, something you wouldn’t have with only a website. The more people sharing, commenting and engaging with your content on your website, the better chances of ranking higher on search engines. 

3. Social Profiles Can Also Rank For Keywords

When people search for your brand, having social media profiles appear too would greatly improve credibility and trust with potential customers. Having social media in 2021 is essential, but you have to be active. 

Even though most people will be looking for your website, having your social profiles rank next to your website will allow your audience to get to know your brand and feel the message portrayed. So, if you have additional opportunities to rank for branded searches, why not? 

And having an active social media presence could be the final little nudge a potent client needs to do business with you… it’s a win-win. 

Running social media can be VERY time consuming, that is why we offer to do it for you! Contact Us Today to find out more about our Social Media Management service”

4. You Will Increase Your Websites Traffic

As I mentioned above, the main goal of SEO is to increase your visibility and bring in more organic traffic. But, it isn’t the only way of doing it. 

By creating an online reputation and building a brand on social media you will create a traffic source for your website. Sharing quality content related to your business frequently will keep your audience engaged. They’ll be able to relate and become more likely to become a customer. 

SEO Agency Edinburgh - Sky Rocket Your Traffic

And with so many people on social media every single day, you are almost guaranteed to find a pocket in your niche that you’ll fit in to perfectly. You’ll also find out that there are people on there that wouldn’t have found your business without the power of social media! 

SEO can take months to see results, and it is certainly worth the wait, you might not get the desired traffic at the beginning. An active social media can give you the little boost needed to help bring in some traffic pretty quickly. It’s just got to be done right! 

5. Good Social Media Profiles Build Trust

I mentioned at the beginning how social profiles building credibility and trust with your target audience. It’s so important I have to mention it twice! 

A U.S study concluded that the average person spends almost 4 hours per day on their mobiles. So out of those four hours, how many do you think are spent on social media? Probably at least half. 

Poor or nonexistent social profiles can be a red flag for some consumers. I know how I feel about the quality of a businesses social media – you can learn a lot from their activity & quality.

Social media and SEO can both be used to build trust and your online reputation. These are both extremely valuable assets that you should not ignore. 

Use your social profiles to visually show what sets you apart from your competitors. Once you figure out what works best in your industry, you will be glad you begin using social media to your advantage. 

Conclusion – Social Media and SEO

Everything you do online to build your business should work together. Social Media and SEO are unique in their own ways, but when used together they are The Dynamic Duo. They compliment each other in many ways and make a great team. 

Having social media profiles for your business probably won’t do much for your SEO, but stay consistent, active and pushing quality content then you will start to see how they work together. Remember YOU need to share your content to get it out there!

We are an Edinburgh SEO Agency that provides results that will transform your business.

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Looking for Web Design or SEO Agency in Edinburgh? Drop us a message, call us or come visit us at our office! We’d love to have you in for a coffee sometime. 

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