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We first had contact with Brian and his team at Gillespie & McLean Electrical on Friday 21st May. We manage to design, develop & launch their new website in just 7 days. Launching their new 9-page website on the 28th of May.

This project began designing their website in 3 days. Once we had shared the design for feedback and got approval, the next step was removing their old HTML website from cPanel and installing WordPress. Then the “Under-Construction” notice went up.

Development started on Monday afternoon and was complete by Thursday morning which just left testing & optimisation. We installed an SSL certificate to increase the security of the website and become more search engine friendly. We also helped write their content for the project posts.

We are carrying out an SEO campaign with Gillespie & McLean Electrical helping them achieve their goals. After unsuccessful trying to get on to the first page for months, we came along and got them on to the first page within 5 weeks for one of their desired keywords. 

Currently we have helped increase their organic traffic by 74% in 2 short months. We’re aiming to triple that number shortly. 

If you are looking for an Electrician Glasgow, you know who to call!

Gillespie & McLean

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