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Helping you rise through the ranks of search engines. We focus on three core vitals: increased traffic, website visibility, and conversion rate optimisation to maximise performance.

“The Bridge To The Top of Google”

Search Engine Optimisation.

Did you know that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine and 75% of people never scroll to the second page of results?

SEO is a monthly investment, and the returns can be enormous when carried out by a professional.

Here at Edinburgh Design Co, we use “white hat” techniques that have been tried, tested & proven to work. This way our practices cannot result in penalties like unethical SEO methods can.

Do not allow your website to be buried in Google below your competitors. With our SEO services, you can rise through the ranks effectively and expand your business.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, it means improving your website to increase organic traffic. Optimizing for search engines will ultimately bring in higher volumes & better quality traffic to your website. It is one of the most effective ways to increase online revenue.

Search engines such as Google and Bing use bots called “spiders” to crawl the web gathering information. This information is then fed through an algorithm and used to build an index of all websites.

There is much more to it than just adding the keywords you want to rank for to your website. While that is important, your website MUST be relevant to those terms you wish to be found for. Google’s aim is to return content to its user that is relevant and useful. Therefore, your website must have high-quality pages and content related to those terms.

There are hundreds of factors used in the algorithm to rank each website, some of them include:

• The number of high-quality links to your website
• Your website user-experience, especially mobile
• Your website loading speeds
• Keywords in your URL & meta titles
• Structure of your website
• Schema data
• Security of your website

SEO Process

SEO Edinburgh

Questions & Answers.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Pricing depends on your selected keyword difficulty and competition. We also have to take into consideration the current performance of your website. These factors determined the cost of SEO. Our prices start from £795. To see all our pricing click here

How Long Will It Take?

The length of time varies from website to website. There is no standard time it takes to see results from SEO. In some cases, it could be a short as a couple of months. And in others, campaigns could run for years. It depends on your current SEO level, what has been done before & keyword competition. Sales & enquiry lead businesses may need ongoing campaigns to stay ahead of their competition. Whereas small local businesses may only need 3 to 6-month campaigns to get to the top and stay there for some time.

A website on page two or three could expect to get to the first page within two or three months. A brand new website would take 6+ months to achieve a first-page rank. 

The goal is to get on to the top half of the first page, this is where you will reap the most reward, especially in the top 3 spots.

What Is Involved?

Your website needs to be fast, user-friendly and full of relevant & useful information. Within that information needs to be awesome copywriting filled with keywords and phrases, powerful meta titles and descriptions, building strong backlinks with reputable sites and more.

What Can I Expect Back On My Investment?

It’s well known for SEO campaigns to achieve a high ROI of up to 50 times. And the beauty of SEO is that it keeps on working even after the campaigns are complete, unlike advertisement.


What Is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO works on optimizing those areas of your site that lie within your individual control. It takes direct measures to enhance your website’s position in the search rankings by making it simpler for search engine bots to comprehend the entire page. Such as content, crawlability, responsiveness and loading speed.

What Happens In An SEO Audit?

In an SEO audit, your website will be put through an in-depth examination. Starting with a visual check of content, images, structure, user experience and more. Then we will scan your site to check the quality of your internal linking and external links, loading speeds, broken links & pages, etc. We’ll pinpoint the reasons why your site has not been ranking well.

How Will I Be Able To Check Progress?

We will provide you with in-depth reports every fortnight. In these reports, you will have various analytics and statistics of how your site has been performing. You can always do a manual search on Google too.

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO works on intensifying your domain’s authority via creating content and earning backlinks from other sites. It even comprises promotional techniques or considering the amount of publicity something receives on different social media channels.

Can You Manage Our Social Media Accounts?

We are currently in the process of developing our social media management strategy which will be complete by Early/Mid August. 

Where Can I Learn More About SEO?

There are a couple of excellent SEO experts that write about all thing SEO. Check out Brain Dean at Backlinko or Neil Patel at NeilPatel.

What Happens When I Stop SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation and working out are much alike. When you’ve been hitting the gym for 12 months and you’ve gotten in great shape. But when you stop going you slowly start losing all those gains over time. 

Much like working out, SEO is long term work and soon enough you’ll notice drops in your rankings a while after stopping. 

But there’s no need to worry, we can always help you get right back to the top, just like if you hit the gym again!

I Seen A Company Offer SEO Services For £250, Why Should I Use You?

These companies offer poor SEO campaigns that will more than likely harm the ranking of your website that help it. 

If you’ve tried one of these £250 months companies, chances are your campaign wasn’t aggressive enough, or they lacked the effort and resources to carry it out to a high enough standard to beat your competition. 

The tactics we use have been proven to work and are safe. We know how to keep up with Google algorithm updates and the main ranking factors. We also use the best tools in the industry to help us do the best job we can. 

Our SEO services are worth every penny in the long run. You just won’t find the same quality, speed and results that we can provide with a budget of £250 per month. 

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