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The Yays And Nays of SEO

Want to sign more clients? Grow your business? Are you considering an SEO campaign? PPC or SEO? Or trying to decide whether SEO is right for your business? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll help you decide if SEO is right for you with this no-nonsense article. Discover the pros and cons of SEO here.

Google owns approximately 92% of all desktop searches and 96% of mobile searches. Which is around 70,000 searches per second. Crazy numbers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Only a handful of nerds know the sacred, intimidating black magic of how to work Google’s Algorithm. False! Once you have wrapped your head around the basics, it really isn’t that scary. It goes from a big scary grizzle bear to a cute little fuzzy teddy bear that you just gotta be patient with.

In layman’s terms, SEO is improving your website to rank better on search engines. Doing so brings in more organic traffic and generates more qualified leads.

But there are some very serious rules set by Google in their webmaster guidelines. Which you MUST follow. All our SEO strategies are “white hat” methods that have been proven to work and follow Google’s guidelines.

But we’re not here to talk about how SEO works, you can check out our other article for that here.

Let’s dive in straight to it then.

Benefits and Drawbacks

pros and cons of SEO 
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SEO edinburgh

So there are my top picks of benefits and some drawbacks. But we’re not done just yet! Keep reading to find out about each one below or just skip to the bottom to see my final verdict.


Increase traffic

Yes, that is pretty much the whole point of SEO. To increase your organic traffic and visibility. On Google, the top 5 spots take over 75% of ALL clicks. If you’re a local business being in the top 5 places could be handsomely rewarding.

For example, imagine you were a Plumber in London and someone requires your services. They search for “Plumber in London”, which is also searched by an estimated 5,399 other people per month.

Now, the #1 spot takes a hefty chunk of those searches at ~35% which would be 1,889 visitors on to their site. But, let’s say we just got the number 3 spot taking around 12%. That would be ~647 visitors that are looking for your service and ready to pick up the phone.

Improve Online Presence

Of course, these two go hand-in-hand. Because your traffic has gone up, more people visit your site and talk about it with their colleagues, friends, and family. Your brand becomes big.

This also helps increase your traffic even more! And if the content on your website is worth sharing (which we would make) people will share it on their social media. EVEN MORE TRAFFIC!!

Target Specific Audiences

That’s right, get your website in front of the right people. You can choose which keywords you want to target. Put your website in the face of people looking for your products or services.

Then it’s just a case of waiting for the phone to ring. Or if you’re an online store, all you have to do is sit back and watch the orders roll in.

Better Conversion Rates & High ROI

This is an important one. Seriously, think about it. If you only had a 2% conversion rate while running paid advertisement but manage a 4% conversion rate with SEO. That would be double the revenue.

Eric Hoppe of Crowd Content said: “We’ve found that our conversion rate on organic traffic is substantially higher than with PPC. I believe this shows a stronger intent to purchase or convert among these searchers—and that an organic click is more valuable than a paid click.”

People trust organic results more than they do paid positions. It is said that between 70-80% of users completely ignore the paid ads section and skip straight to the organic results.

That takes me to the next point….

Organic Results Are Trusted More

Trust, the key building foundation of lasting relationships known for its extreme fragility. Built over years, it can be destroyed in seconds. Begin in the top half of the first pages makes people think that Google trusts your website.

You know how important it is, and organic results will help you gain it easier. Enough said.

Business Growth

This is simple. More visitors you get on your website equals more customers. As long as your website is fit for purpose and performs its duty as it should.

SEO is an amazing tool for not only growing your business. But building your brand awareness and credibility as an authority in your industry. It will also lead to many concrete relationships as you identify as an industry titan. Being at the top of Google gives your business a great first impression.

That being said, it is a tool that most businesses ignore and the smart ones utilise.

SEO Edinburgh
Grow your business
Watch your business flourish with our SEO strategies

Results Last For Months Afterwards

Search Engine Optimisation is much like going to the gym. You have to be patient to see the results and keep up the hard work. But it’s sure as hell worth it once you achieve your goal and have the body of a Greek Warrior.

Unfortunately, if you stop going to the gym and binge on burgers and pizza’s… you slowly lose your physique and get fat.

SEO is similar. You pay us to get you to the top of the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). It takes around 6 months to achieve results you are happy with and the work is paying off. You have plenty of visitors coming to your wonderful website.

But you decide that it’s time to put a pause on the campaign. The impact is not instant and you will still reap the rewards for some time to come. You’ll start to see a gradual decline in your rankings. Then traffic. Then revenue.

And you’ll be back on the phone to us… “GET ME TO THE TOP AGAIN MISTER!!”

Improve Local Visibility

If you have a restaurant or souvenir shop for say, being found fast and easy on Google is a game-changer. Especially if you are located in a busy city popular with tourists that don’t know the area.

Local SEO is always beneficial for every type of business. You are literally putting yourself on the map.


Okay, now, the drawbacks. There are none.

Only kidding…

Results Aren’t Instant

I think this is the biggest problem for most people that are considering SEO. The results can take months to show. And with technology today, humans are the most impatient they’ve ever been in history.

Instant gratification surrounds us in daily life. We can order almost ANYTHING sitting on our backsides on the sofa. With an endless selection of entertainment to watch on the television.

We expect results fast and we don’t like waiting, I’m afraid. It’s a sad world we live in.

But for those who have the ability to wait, as a well know quote goes “good things come to those who wait”. SEO is for you!

And it sure as hell is worth the wait. An SEO campaign can reel in 15 TIMES as many clicks as a PPC campaign can.

SEO Can Be Costly

Another reason why people shy away from SEO is because of the price. A good SEO campaign by people that know what they’re doing will cost thousands of pounds.

Now, there are other agencies out there that offer SEO services for as little as £300/month. I personally do not understand how they manage to get away with this scam. Oh wait, yes, they’ll cut corners and end up hurting your website than helping it.

Quality SEO takes significant time and effort. It has a number of moving parts and requires many skill sets. Plus, with a reputable company, you’ll get excellent service and professionalism.

What you can expect from cheap SEO:

  • Short term fixes
  • Low-quality spammy links
  • Stuffed keyword content that belongs in the bin
  • Outdated strategies from 2009

Which will lead to a penalty by Google. So, a quality SEO campaign is always worth every penny!

There Are No Guarantees

There are no promises that SEO will work for your business. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of factors to consider. But for most businesses, SEO will work just fine!

The more competitive the market, the more money you need to invest. SEO is a business investment, and you gotta spend money to make money, baby.

Our SEO strategies have been tried, tested and proven to be safe. We are extremely confident that we can get you results with our SEO practices.

Rankings Slowly Go Down Afterwards

As I mentioned before, SEO is like going to the gym. Once you stop, the results slowly fade away.

Competition Can Be Fierce

Markets such as eCommerce, often require ongoing SEO campaigns. This allows them to stay at the top for longer bringing in more revenue.

High competition markets like finance, professional sports, eCommerce, aviation, automotive, etc. These markets need more money than you’d like to imagine. Let’s just let that there. Unless you’re the next Elon Musk and want us to do your SEO, drop in by our office!

A Lot of Factors Involved

Yep, there are too many factors to consider. And to top it off Google carries out around 3,000 algorithm updates annually.

The main factors that we consider for SEO are Keyword Research, On-Page SEO & Link Building. As well as industry & business factors, but we won’t bore you with the facts.

SEO Takes Time

We’ve already established that it takes time and that it’s not for the impatient. So if you can’t wait a couple of months to see results, bugger off and get a PPC campaign that’ll guzzle your money in front of your eyes.

We are not saying for one second that PPC doesn’t work, because it does. We just prefer SEO and think it’s much superior. Like royalty.

Read this article to see the comparison of SEO & PPC statistics:


Google doesn’t like it when you break their rules, and rightly so. We have rules for a reason. TO OBLITERATE THEM!
Jokes aside, Google are pretty serious when it comes to their Webmaster Guidelines. So, you gotta play by their book and keep them happy to avoid receiving a penalty.

The last thing you want is to be buried at the bottom of the well where nobody can even hear your scream. That’s what it would be like. Left alone in a dark, dark corner of the world wide web where nobody finds you.


While SEO is certainly the right choice for most businesses, there are a few that wouldn’t need it.

SEO is insanely important for eCommerce businesses, professional services, and many other businesses.

But your local family-run village grocery store probably wouldn’t be interested in SEO.

There you have it, the pros and cons of SEO.

Do you want to grow your business and generate more qualified leads through organic search? Talk to us today or Book A Call to find out your potential.

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