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Intro – SEO Edinburgh

More than 94% of individuals who use Google just tend to view the first page of search results. The majority of them just tap on the top 3 results that Google (or any other search engine) generates for them. Across the world, more than 83% of individuals are using Google. However, this concept is applicable to all the other search engines too. 

So, what can one expect to do if their small business site shows up on Google’s 12th page of search results rather than the 1st page? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your page rank and website position organically through effective keywords and top-quality backlinks. It is a beneficial way of driving user traffic to your site.

In the 21st century, SEO is deemed one of the most effective means of achieving company growth, as it holds the potential to entirely transform your business. SEO Edinburgh services are the bread and butter of most companies. Still, if you are new to it and want to learn everything about “What is SEO and How Do I Improve It?”, then this is the ultimate guide for you. 

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

How SEO works and where it appears on search engines like Google. Edinburgh Design Co.

SEO is basically an abbreviated form for “search engine optimization,” which refers to a practice of increasing your site traffic’s quantity and quality. It is also a means of exposure to your brand, which you can gain via free search engine results.

Despite SEO’s acronym, search engine optimization is just as much about you as the search engines themselves. It is entirely about understanding what individuals are looking up on the internet, the various responses and solutions they are seeking, the different choice of words they are using, and the kind of content they are interested in seeing.

Figuring out the responses to these questions enables you to get in touch with the individuals who are searching online for the various solutions you provide. While one side of SEO focuses on knowing your target audience’s intent, the other part focuses on delivering it in such a manner that search engine seekers can easily find and comprehend it.

Simply put, SEO is entirely about improving the rankings of your website in the non-paid (organic) section of your search results.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google use bots that crawl different pages across the internet, hopping from one website to another, gathering bits of information about those pages, and grouping them in an index.

Following this, algorithms examine these pages in the index while considering many signals or ranking factors to determine in which order the pages must appear in the search results for a respective question or inquiry.

Search ranking factors might be viewed as proxies for certain user experience aspects. A periodic table of SEO Factors classifies these factors into 6 distinct weights and categories, each based on their general importance to search engine optimization. SEO Edinburgh provides the ultimate package for all businesses.

For instance, keyword research and quality content are the leading aspects of content optimization. At the same time, mobile accessibility and crawlability are essential factors of website architecture. The search algorithms aim to surface authoritative and relevant pages and deliver an efficient searching experience to users.

Keywords are specific words and phrases in your website content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. Some keywords are more competitive than others. Long-tail keywords are generally easier to rank in Google, as they have less search volume. The difficulty of keywords depends on the search volume and density. This is where keyword research comes in. With our SEO Edinburgh techniques, you’ll rise through the ranks of Google in a matter of months.

Keeping these factors in mind to optimize your content and website might help your pages secure a better and higher rank in Google and other search engines. You cannot pay search engines to obtain higher non-paid/organic search ranks, unlike paid search ads. 

Why SEO Is Important For Your Business

Even though social media, paid advertisements, and various other virtual platforms tend to generate sufficient traffic towards sites, search engines account for driving in a significant amount of online traffic.

The organic search results mainly cover digital real estate, receive a significantly greater number of clicks compared to paid advertisements, and appear way more credible to knowledgeable seekers. We offer SEO Edinburgh services to all of Scotland, the UK and Worldwide.

For instance, out of all the US-related searches, roughly 2.8 percent of individuals actually land and click on paid ads. In short, SEO Edinburgh offers 20x more traffic prospects as opposed to PPC on desktop and mobile.

SEO is one such online marketing channel that continues to pay you dividends over time, provided it is set up accurately. If you generate solid pieces of content worthy of being ranked for the correct keywords, your site traffic is bound to increase with time. On the contrary, advertisements require ongoing funding to drive traffic to your website. 

Optimizing your website aids in delivering better quality information to the search engines, enabling your content to be displayed appropriately and indexed in between the other search results.

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Grow your Business Online with Edinburgh Design Co.

Getting tired of the costly SEO Edinburgh agencies that fail to give you the search results you are looking for? Struggling to see your business grow the way you had pictured it all in your mind? With Edinburgh Design Co. by your side, you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

We are a start-up web design company that focuses on creating websites for small and medium enterprises and assisting them with their digital marketing needs. We specialize in Web Design and SEO Edinburgh, allowing you to achieve the most from your site. Edinburgh Design Co. is one of the best local companies for you to place your trust in for SEO success.

At Edinburgh Design Co, you can witness us create the most visually appealing and attention-grabbing websites that are graphically designed to entirely transform your virtual presence, packed with the best SEO content resulting in higher conversions and showcasing your brand personality to generate efficient results.

Edinburgh Design Co is with you at every step along the way, from the first conversion to launching your business and beyond. With your excellent Hosting and Support Plans, you can rest assured our experts will take complete charge of your sites. At the same time, you get to relax and savor the countless benefits of your online business development.

It is crucial to understand that optimizing your site for Bing, Google, or other search engines is vital. Our aim is to help you become visible and easily be found on Google. With the help of our excellent SEO Edinburgh Campaigns, you will begin to notice the results show in just under 4 weeks.

SEO Edinburgh
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Website Design & SEO Edinburgh Design Co.

Most companies struggle to find the resources or time to update their sites manually to keep them functioning. This is where we, Edinburgh Design Co, step in with our impressive after-sales care packages.

Let us take care of the site maintenance while you can save on the costly in-house charges. We assure you your site will be super-fast and up to the minute, so you do not have to experience a decline in your rank in Google due to website issues.

Even if any problem arises, we will come up with the ultimate solution that can benefit you and us promptly, enabling you to go on about your business as always. 

The process of creating a customized website design at Edinburgh Design Co. begins with you. In the first step, we will talk about your website requirements and functionality. After getting a basic idea, we start our work by creating drafts, which will be perfected further via your feedback.

When you feel our sketches meet your requirements and expectations, we start developing your tailored site. Edinburgh Design Co. takes great pride in the fact that our sites turn out to be 100% responsive.

We ensure the websites we create are mobile-friendly, making them appear just as brilliant on tablets and mobile phones as they look on desktops. This ultimately helps with your Google search rankings too.

Read more about our Web Design and SEO Edinburgh services.

What Increases Search Engine Optimization?

1.     Link Building

Link building is a process from which you can obtain hyperlinks from different sites to your own website. A hyperlink (more often just known as a link) is a way for users to go back and forth between pages on the internet.

Search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google use links for web crawling. They crawl various links amid your website’s individual pages. Concerning Search Engine Optimization, link building has an essential role in driving natural and organic traffic to your website through search engines, particularly in rival sectors.

When combined with more powerful and technical SEO foundations, extremely good content, superb on-page SEO, and an exemplary user experience, link building can be incredibly effective at directing greater organic traffic to your site. We can help with SEO Edinburgh, grow your organic traffic with us! 

Even though mediocre-quality link-building techniques can still do the work, they must not have a dominant role in the strategy-making for a company that is aiming for long-term organic search success. Obtaining links that you necessarily did not ask for from a company is indeed a nirvana of search engine optimization. It reflects something that you should continuously strive for.

One can only do this by exerting the required effort to make your site link-worthy. This can either be via an ideal product placement or a distinctive aspect of your service or through generating premium content that other websites will take great delight in referencing.

Together with this long-term approach, SEO users can also leverage various other techniques of link building that enable them to establish their authority. This increases their chances of being ranked better and acquiring more significant traffic from organic search results. 

2.       On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Google continues making continuous modifications and updates to its search engine algorithm. Still, it is just not okay to oversimplify things and centre your focus on just one dimension. You can divide your SEO strategy into 2 distinctive categories

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

Your Search Engine Optimization strategy should focus on addressing both on- and off-page SEO since both are crucial to any SEO campaign’s success, despite being on entirely different sides. There are 2 primary things that all search engines focus on while assessing and comparing your website against other websites on the internet: 

  • On-page SEO focuses on what your page or website is entirely about.
  • Off-page SEO focuses on how popular and influential your website is.

●       What is On-Page SEO?

Some of the most essential SEO tactics like using HTML codes and alt tags, optimizing Meta descriptions to be more evident in the search engines’ results pages, and using keywords in your page copy and title are the foundations for on-page SEO.

On-page SEO works on optimizing those areas of your site that lie within your individual control. It takes direct measures to enhance your website’s position in the search rankings by making it simpler for search engine bots to comprehend the entire page.

They also provide a preview to end-users of what they are clicking through from the search engine results pages (SERP). Furthermore, on-page SEO helps improve your SEO by considering your overall page performance, content structuring, and content quality.

We at SEO Edinburgh can provide you with the best SEO content for your website. We work with some of the most talented copywriters you can find. All our content is thoroughly research and optimized to suit your business niche. Our keyword research goes beyond Google, we use professional tools to find the best keywords suited to your requirements.

●      What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO works on intensifying your domain’s authority via creating content and earning backlinks from other sites. It even comprises promotional techniques or considering the amount of publicity something receives on different social media channels.

So, briefly speaking, the on-page SEO factors primarily determine what you rank for, while off-page factors primarily determine how well you rank in the results tab of search engines. We here at SEO Edinburgh carry out Off-Page SEO with expertise skills.

3.       Search Engine Optimization Tools

Being a Search Engine Optimization user, anyone would definitely aspire to accomplish more significant tasks in a lesser time frame. Whether it is identifying the different crawling concerns of a site without physically reviewing all URLs or procuring the Meta tags from a specific domain barely within minutes, there is a tool for everything.

These various tools have always been like a knight in shining armour for tech-savvy marketers and SEO users. Likewise, SEO Edinburgh use tools that also help individuals acquire a comprehensive set of tasks at the snap of a finger with the utmost perfection.

SEO Edinburgh use tools that can save you from the hassle of mind-number data analyses and target keyword research. With such tools, you can easily see what is working and which areas of your company strategy can use some alterations.

The best Search Engine Optimization tools also provide you detailed reports of how your site measures up against your rivals’ sites and where the better opportunities are at. Besides, SEO Edinburgh use tools that are beneficial for people who are managing multiple websites. They help assess how each site is performing.

Most entrepreneurs with more than one website add a tremendous amount of data into spreadsheets and examine it manually. Before you realize it, this can become incredibly overwhelming and increases the risks of inaccurate reports. Luckily, there are multiple Search Engine Optimization software and tools you can use to save several hours of your time and effort and produce accurate reports with just a single click of a button. 

If you just need to work on a limited number of tasks and your budget is also limited, the best thing to do is use the free versions of SEO Edinburgh tools. You should only go for the full and paid version when you know you will use all the features.  

4.       Google Algorithms

Google algorithms are a multifaceted system used to retrieve data from the Google search index and spontaneously deliver you the best results for a specific question. Search engines use combinations of many ranking factors and algorithms to provide web pages ranked in terms of relevance on their respective SERPs. Earlier, Google only brought limited updates to its algorithms, but now it makes numerous changes each year.

●      What Is A Google Algorithm For SEO?

Google’s algorithms, in part, use target keywords to find out the page rankings. The ideal way to grade certain keywords is through search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization essentially tells Google that a particular web page or website is referring to a particular topic.

A few years ago, it was common for most websites to stuff their content with keywords. In reality, people assumed that Google’s algorithms would believe the higher the keywords included in their content, the more significant their page must be. After Google realized this, they eventually changed their algorithm.

So, websites that stuffed their web pages and content with excessive keywords or used other black hat SEO practices would be penalized. Hence, now Google’s algorithms work differently, and site owners must avoid all such tactics that intend to outwit Google.

Even if Google doesn’t notice it right away, over time, it will trace what you are up to, and your rankings are bound to fall. Nonetheless, these alterations and updates in Google algorithms have also revolutionized Search Engine Optimization. In 2021, As long as you craft relevant and creative content that people would actually enjoy reading and want to read, there is no need to fear Google’s algorithms.

If we can help you with your SEO Edinburgh needs, speak with us today.

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your SEO in 2021

Potential organic traffic with Edinburgh Design Co. Search Engine Optimization
Potential Organic Traffics Before & After SEO.
(per 1,000)

Do you wish to rank at least amongst the top three on search engines like Google or Bing without having to break the bank? You need to trust SEO to do the work for you. SEO Edinburgh continues to evolve and enhance with time.

With the presence of remarkable content-management systems like Blogger and WordPress, it is straightforward and possible for individuals to create and post optimized digital content. In terms of online content, visibility plays a vital role.

However, with the millions and billions of digital blogs and articles competing against one another to win the top spot, it literally feels impossible to guarantee your page or pose will show up on Google’s first page.

Fortunately, there are many effective ways for you to organically improve your search visibility with SEO Edinburgh.

1.   Check for broken or dead links

A broken link is a link that has expired or is invalid. Edinburgh Design Co.

Indeed, all site owners will have come across a dead link page at least once in their lives. Broken or dead links can be incredibly frustrating. They refer to clickable links that do not redirect you to the page you wished to go to, making it frustrating and disappointing for Google and website visitors.

Google intends to give its users the best of the best experience. Hence, landing across a broken link or an error page is not exactly an ideal case. If you do not check and fix your broken links, the algorithm will think your web page contains outdated content, and you will certainly not show up at the top of search results on search engines. We carry out broken link searches regularly here at SEO Edinburgh.

One of the best tools to instantly check for broken links on your site domain is

2.   Have a link-worthy website

Try creating relevant and relatable links within your quality content. Instead of mentioning “click here” links, write the name of the end sites. There is hardly any search engine value for “click here” beyond the attached URL.

Rich keywords will increase the rank of the page you are linking to, along with your search engine rankings. Use descriptive links by linking the keywords. This will automatically improve your Search Engine Optimization and add immense value to your viewers, including those who use screen readers or have disabilities. 

3.   Select the right image size

Images usually take a long time to load. Regarding internet browning, every second matter, especially for readers who urgently look for an answer or a solution. According to a study, an article with a response time of 2-10 seconds tends to increase page abandonment by 38 percent.

Hence, select the proper image format and size for your website to load instantly. If you wish to test your webpage’s loading speed, use PageSpeedInsight. It is a convenient tool sponsored by Google to give you an overview of how quickly your site performs. We here at SEO Edinburgh know exactly how to design websites.

4.   Take Care of HTML Code

Most site owners continue to overlook or ignore HTML when it comes to search engine optimization. This essential tip makes a lot of difference. HTML is the standard coding language that is deemed the framework of all websites. So in most circumstances, there will be no need for coding skills to enhance your visibility with SEO Edinburgh.

However, bear in mind that Google ranks a web page as per its user traffic and examines its HTML content. Moreover, tags are also a more formal and professional way of distinguishing your webpage’s main sections.

Search engines have been using tags for a very long time to determine what a page is all about. Hence, you should utilize strategic keywords in your titles and headers to escalate your likelihood of showing up in search results for those words.

5.   Optimize your meta description and title tags (Very Important in 2021)

Just like the above tip, meta description and title tags are the most significant HTML tags optimize if you wish to improve your search rankings. It aids prospective website and search engines’ visitors to know what the site or webpage is focused on. We at SEO Edinburgh know exactly how to optimise your title tags & meta descriptions in the most effective ways.

While creating your tags, envision how individuals will look up your content. You can commence your text with <title> and conclude it with </title> to inform search engines about the/ keyword and topic you refer to on your web page.

Here is an example: <title> 2021 list of ways to improve your SEO Edinburgh </title>

6.   Use Alt Tags

Also, always define your video and visual media by using alt tags or alternate text explanations. They enable the search engines to detect your web page, which is particularly essential for people who use just text-only screen readers or browsers. A key point where most SEO Edinburgh agencies forget.

7.   Show consistency in your title tags

Use styles that are proven to work. These three examples have similar layouts.

Search engine optimization has undergone several never-ending debates. One of the most arguable ones has been regarding capitalizing the first letters of titles and URLs. This technique is known as the title case. This is a fairly common practice that involves capitalizing the initial letter of each word to grasp potential visitors’ attention as they sift through all the search results.

In reality, you will barely see any effect on your rank as Google views all the keywords equally, despite the capitalization method. Capitalization really does not matter, and it’s entirely up to you to determine the writing style of your titles. Just remember not to go for all caps as it appears a bit of spam to visitors. You can even consider adding digits to your title tag. 

Some experts mutually agree that a slight increase can be witnessed in the click-through rates when site owners use numbers in their title tags, although there is still proof of it. This can result from cognitive bias, as numbers represent facts and are more likely to draw attention.

This is partly why listicle titles such as “Top 10 reasons to visit India” appear more catchy and appeal to readers. 

8.   Aim for the ideal content length

SEO Edinburgh experts and bloggers have always wondered what the correct content length is. Truth be told, it was confirmed by Semrush that content length is one of the most leading and significant factors that determine ranking. For several years, bloggers and content writers have believed that concise and to-the-point content is ideal for readers and search engine ranking. 

On average, the ideal length of the top ten results in search engines, like Google, is a minimum of 2000 words. This theory was further backed up by Backlinko that the average 1st-page results on Google comprise 1890 words. 

Still, Google has never declared that your search engine ranking is influenced by your content’s word count. This theory can be validated by the fact that greater word count and longer content potential generates more shares on social media channels.

The best length for content is based on providing all the essential information the readers are looking for. Now whether your content covers all the material in just 200 words or 2000 words, both lengths are good enough.

9.   Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console - Improve your organic traffic - Edinburgh Design Co

Google Search Console is a relatively novel and enhanced version of Google Webmaster Tools aiming towards a significantly wider audience instead of being explicitly reserved for webmaster pros. It is the only official SEO tool of Google that gives you brilliant insights into improving your site with SEO Edinburgh.

Amongst other things, it enables you to view the evolution of the page count indexed by Google. This indexing status is an exceptional feature that displays the number of URLs on your site that have been indexed by Google. It also detects errors and points out the exact keywords your audience has used to come across your website.

10. Update Your Content Regularly

Like people, search engines also think and feel strongly about content. Quality content that is regularly updated is viewed as the best indicator of a website’s relevancy. Hence, as a site owner, you must ensure to keep it fresh, audit your content based on a schedule, and make all the necessary updates to up your chances of improving SEO.

Conclusion: Get Better Results with SEO Edinburgh

Since content is being generated and published at a rapid pace, search engines do their work in ranking millions and billions of sites online. Note that it is impossible to instantly alter your SEO ranking in just one night. Still, you can do some tweaking and make minimal adjustments to improve your site’s visibility with SEO Edinburgh over time.

By utilizing tools to work on the most critical factors that affect SEO, like content issues, loading speed, linking, meta tags, alt tags, and crawlability, you can enhance the search engine optimization on your website and acquire a higher ranking on Google.

Check out our SEO Pricing and other services.

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Need an SEO Edinburgh Service? Contact Us Today.

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