Our Three Main Pillars To Building Successful Websites.

Three main pillars to build a successful website

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The 3 Main Pillars To Building Successful Websites

Building successful websites is the most important step to establish an authoritative presence in the digital landscape. That is why we are determined to provide the best & most attractive websites in Scotland and beyond.

However, can you accomplish your goals after creating your website and launching it? Your website is not successful until it serves your purpose. What factors tell you about your website’s success? These factors mostly include-

  • More traffic
  • More sales
  • Lots of page visits
  • Higher click-through-rate
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Repeated customers

There are over 1.8 billion websites in the digital world. That is why it is not easy for you to reach your target. Still, it is important to focus on the above metrics to beat your competitors.

 Here are our 3 pillars involved in building successful websites.

Website Design, User Experience & Copywriting

The three main pillars to Building successful websites. Website Design, User experience, and copywriting.

Website Design

You may have invested much resources and time to promote your website with SEO. However, while you do not find any desirable result, you can rethink your website design.  The best website design has to be clean and usable.

Some designers find it a challenge to deal with CSS elements, HTML, and visual representation. While aesthetics are one of the important factors, your website needs to be-

  • Accessible
  • Crawlable
  • Readable

Here at Edinburgh Design Company, we focus on creating SEO-friendly, responsive websites that work perfectly for both mobile and desktop versions.

Our websites will give your business the boost it needs to do more online.

Another important factor for a website’s design is the presence of images. Images make it easy for viewers to interpret the information easily.

Most of us are visual learners, and thus, high-quality logos and photos will let you achieve success.

Quality images have the potential to convert leads to customers

  • As you garner more views, you will have a chance to achieve a higher conversion rate.
  • Higher user engagement rate- This rate indicates that visitors spend much time on your website.

The most important part of your website design is the CTA (Call to Action) button. The right placement of CTA can encourage visitors to make a deal with you. We, here at Edinburgh Design Co know the best way of designing the CTA button. We have got our very own secret funnel system!

The CTA button may ask your visitors to take any step, like-

  • Sign up for your email newsletters
  • Book a consultation
  • Buy the product
  • Download a case study

Thus, create strong CTAs for your website and let visitors connect with you. However, you must not add several CTAs to a particular webpage. It is essential to maintain a limit to the number of CTA buttons on your website.

User Experience

We have already talked about web designs, and one of the major elements of this design is User Experience. Its effect is something more than what you have thought.

How do your visitors feel when they land on the site? Do the pages load fast? Can they understand what your website is about?

These visitors are your potential customers, and when they can easily navigate your site, they will have the best impression. That is why you have to take much time to develop a seamless User Experience.

You can analyze some metrics and reduce guesswork. UX metrics are of two types- qualitative and objective.

  • Objective metrics- They refer to elements with some numbers, like user errors and success rates. Moreover, they include satisfaction ratings and user-friendliness. 
  • Qualitative metrics– They are about the quality of customer experience. They are related to behavioral metrics, and you will learn how users interact with your site.

Professional designers measure User Experience in a number of ways

  • Contact forms for user interactions

Website forms let your potential customers communicate with you, request quotes, and ask for special offers. However, do not make your contact forms much complicated. When your customers submit the form, you will get their personal data (like emails) for future communication.

  • Navigability of the site

Try to know what your visitors are doing on your site. This insightful data will help you to measure UX. It is better to use heatmaps to identify the spot that gets several clicks.

  • The number of page views

When you find your visitors staying on your web pages for a considerable time, it is a sign of success. It indicates that they feel comfortable on your site. While measuring UX, you have to check out the average website session.


This is the third pillar to your website’s success. You can invest in a professional copywriting service for better marketing results. High-quality copywriting also ensures successful SEO and higher lead conversion rates.

The best fact is that copywriting is a multi-purpose activity. It may be a catalyst for different marketing campaigns.  Copywriters can help you with

  • Blog posts
  • Social media post
  • Promotional email
  • Slideshare presentation
  • Infographic
  • eBook
  • Sales brochure
  • Direct mail postcard
  • Case study

Writing a good copy needs some skills and knowledge. The best copywriters focus on a number of factors to write a quality copy for your website.

  • White space

Internet users have a habit of scanning information instead of reading it. You must not fill the space fully with content. It is essential to keep some white space. Short paragraphs, headings, subheadings, and graphics are some elements of a high-quality website copy.

  • Style

Repetition of words lowers the quality of your copy. You need to write the copy in a style that attracts the audience. It is better to write the copy in a conversational tone. Avoiding using complicated industry-related jargon. Moreover, the most important element is the headline that encourages readers to write the content.

  • Formatting

While formatting the web content, you have to avoid conventional style sentence structure. You can be innovative to create a content format that is easy to scan.

The best website copy must also be free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. When you have already written a web copy, you may hire editors to edit it. Do not publish the content before editing it thoroughly.

These are the three major pillars to develop a successful website. You will find better SEO results from designing a beautiful site.

Once you have these three pillars correctly implemented on your website, it is then ready to start marketing your new good-looking website

These are the three main pillars to building successful websites and how to market properly afterwards.

If you haven’t already, read another one of our articles: Why You Need A Website in Today’s World To Run A Successful Business.

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